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Finding the measures of angles in kite

It's a kite shape and with only 2 angles, they are 113 and 37

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2 Answers

Two angles are obtuse angels - 113º , and two angles are acute but they are not congruent angles, tail angle is smaller then head angle, but sum of all angle in quadrilateral are 360º
360º - (113 + 113 + 37)º = 97º

There two things you need to know about the "kite shape" it is actually a rhombus (it looks like a diamond). The opposite sides are equal. So the angle across from 37 is 37 and the angle across from 113 is 113. 


113+113+37+37 ? 360 !!!!!!!!!!

A kite is not necessarily a rhombus.  Rhombus is a special case of the definition of kite.