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delinquent record

During the first quarter
of the fiscal year, the HIM Department reported 561 delinquent records. The hospital averages1,700 discharges per month. What is the delinquent record
rate for the first quarter?
Does this delinquent rate meet Joint Commission standards? Explain why or why

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1 Answer

Delinquent record rate = # delinquent records / total discharges

                                 = 561 / (3 * 1700)

                                 = 187 / 1700

                                 = 11 / 100

                                 = 0.11 or 11%

I don't know the Joint Commission standards, but it should be a straightforward comparison.


Your hospital has counted 234 incomplete medical records in the incomplete area of your HIM Department for the month of September. During this same period your hospital discharged 1,051 patients. What is the rate of incomplete records for this period ?? any idea