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Michael J.

asked • 07/21/18

How do you create serial dilutions of a pure compound while maintaining a 0.1% DMSO concentration in each solution?

I need to test various concentrations of a compound however it is only soluble in DMSO. My compound is in pure powder form (I only have 900mg available, and it will be dissolved in 100% DMSO first). It will be diluted again with culture medium upon exposure to cells. How am I going to create these concentrations: 0.96%, 0.48%, 0.12%, 0.06% (2-fold dilutions) in each series but still maintaining a 0.1% DMSO concentration?

J.R. S.

Are your drug/compound concentrations (0.96%, 0.48%, etc.) supposed to be weight/volume (w/v)? What will be the final volume in which the cells will be exposed?Finally, what is the smallest volume you can reliably measure? For example, can you measure 1 ul?


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