Haley B.

asked • 03/14/18

Use this information to calculate the molecule formula for the compound

Nicotine is composed of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen and its molar mass is about 160g/mol. When 4.38mg of the compound burns completely in oxygen, the reaction produces 11.9mg of gaseous CO(molar mass =44.01g/mol) and 3.41mg gaseous H2O (molar mass =18.02g/mol) Use this information to calculate the molecular formula for nicotine. 
I've converted the mass to moles for the products, giving 2.70 x 10-4 mol CO2 and 1.89 x 10-4 mol H2O.
I'm just not sure where to go from here... Do I use the approximate molar mass of nicotine to convert the mass to moles of nicotine as well? If so, then how would I carry on with this question because I don't know the mole ratios. 

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