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how to simplify (a+5)-5

do I use -5 outside the parenthesis to multiply each value inside the parenthesis?



distribute -5 to a and 5 in parenthesis.



If the question reads: (a plus 5) minus 5 then the answer is simply a

Lisa is correct as long as the question reads:
(a plus 5) multiplied by negative 5

but that is generally written as -5(a+5)

Oops I should have read the rest of the comments before posting

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2 Answers

The way it is written you should simplify to:

a + 5 - 5, which equals a. The parenthesis are not necessary for this problem, but if you follow normal order of operations rules (parens first, then exponents, then multiply/divide, then add/subtract), you would also end up with a for the answer.

If it was written:

-5(a + 5), then that would simplify to -5a - 25

No. Lisa's solution is incorrect.

If it was (-5)(a+5) or (a+5)(-5), then you would multiply. 

As written, (a+5)-5 is the same as a+5-5 = a. 




I think you're right. I feel bad now for doubting my son's answer was also an a as well. Thank you for the answer.

A doubtful mom