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Significant figures

4650.00g is equivalent to? 
This number has 6 significant figures 
my responses options are : 
465,000. mg 
4.65000 kg 
i think the last one is the correct answer. I am right? 
Thank you 

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Be sure to carry all of the zeros that are significant  figures.
4650.00 g = 4650.00 x 10-3 kg = 4.65000 kg
You are correct.
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Isn't this the same as 465,000. mg which also has 6 significant figures?


I meant to post this as a comment, not as an answer.  Sorry.
4.65000 kg = 4.65 x 106 mg = 4,650,000 mg
I guess that I'm asking "if there is a decimal at the end of the value 465,000. mg, isn't that still  6 sig. figs?  The same as 4.65000 kg.
Oops. Missed the decimal. It would be 4,759,000.  My bad. Was so hung up on dig figs forgot to look at magni.