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A pre-algebra coin word problem

A girl saved nickels, dimes and quarters in a jar. She had as many quarters as dimes, but twice as many nickles as dimes. If the jar has 844 coins, how much money had she saved?
I am not sure how to put this into an equation or how to explain it. I already know that the quarters = 25 cents, etc. 

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We need to find how many of the 844 coins are nickels, dimes, or quarters.
We know the quantities of each coin in relation to one another.
From that relationship we can set up a ratio.
Let Q = number of quarters
Let D = number of dimes
Let N = number of nickels
Then Q:D:N = 1:1:2
this tells us if the girl had 4 coins, she would have 1 quarter, 1 dime, and 2 nickels.
We want to keep this same ratio but we want the total number of coins to be 844.
If we divide 844 by 4, we get the number that we use to multiply our ratio.
844/4 = 211
So she has 211 quarters, 211 dimes, and 422 nickels.
the value of the coins in dollars = 211(.25) + 211(.10) + 422(.05) = $94.95