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Eugene P.

asked • 12/01/17

if h(x) = f(g(x)) where h(x) = sinx and f(x) = cosx which of the following could define the function g

options given
g(x) = √(x2-1)
g(x) = √(1-x2)
g(x) = (π/2) +x
g(x) = (π/2) - x
g(x) = tanx

I tried doing it but cos^-1(sinx) isn't possible to do with what i know

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Kathy G. answered • 12/01/17

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Michael J.

This value of g(x) works because (π/2 - x) and x are complentary to each other.  sine and cosine only equal each other if the angles complement each other.


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