R J.

asked • 08/26/17

Is there a number to "a" such that the limit exists? If so, find the value of "a" and find the limit. If not, explain why.

Find the limit as "x" approaches 3
F(x)= (2x2-3ax+x-a-1)/ x2-2x-3
**I already know that if you substitute in 3 for x, the denominator will be 0 and therefore it cannot exist. I'm wondering if someone can find a way to factor it so that there can be a hole or removable discontinuity and therefore the limit may be able to exist. 

Mark M.

Please check the signs on the "a" and the "1."


Arturo O.

Is the numerator 
2x2 - 3ax + x - a - 1 
correctly stated?  Having 2 terms with x looks strange.  Please check the original problem.


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Arturo O. answered • 08/26/17

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