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Confused about limits?

As lim x approaches -3 of x^2-3x/x^2-9   1.how can you solve it in a step by step i am really confused 2. When finding the sided limit we subsitutw in the original function or after we factor it?

Is there a number to "a" such that the limit exists? If so, find the value of "a" and find the limit. If not, explain why.

Find the limit as "x" approaches 3 F(x)= (2x2-3ax+x-a-1)/ x2-2x-3 **I already know that if you substitute in 3 for x, the denominator will be 0 and therefore it cannot exist. I'm wondering if... more

Find the limit as x -> -2 of f(x) = (x^2 - 3x + a) / (x^2 + x - 2)

Find the limit as x --> -2 of f(x) = (x2 - 3x + a)/(x2 + x - 2)   I've never see a limit problem before where there are two variables: in this example we have 'x' AND 'a'. This question was on... more

Discuss the behaviour of y= x^2-x-12/2x^2+7x+3=(x-4)(x+3)/(2x+1)(x+3) as x approaches infinity and x approaches zero

Finding the limit of a function as x approaches infinity or zero pls help reply asap  

Indeterminate Forms and L'Hospital's Rule

Find the limit as x approaches 1 from the right    x^(1/(x-1))

Is it correct to associate limits with its "c" and "L" with ordered pairs of (x,y)?

I just have a quick question about limits. I've just started working on them and i see that the "c" value is like an "x" value in an ordered pair while the "L" is a y value. Is this relationship... more

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