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help with distance and angles and projectiles in Physical Science

1.  In archery a person draws the bow and shoots an arrow at an angle of 50 degrees.  it will go a distance of 100 meters.  at what other angle could you shoot the arrow with the same amount of force and have it go the same distance?
2.  using a diamond shape baseball field why is it harder to hit a homerun to center field than to the right or left field?  consider the effect of air drag on fast moving projectiles

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Michael A. | Math/Physics/Science TutorMath/Physics/Science Tutor
For projectile motion, complimentary angles have the same range.
I don't think we even need to consider air's a simple matter of distance.  Hitting across the diamond is longer than to the diamond's edges.  More distance, then more force to put the ball that distance.  Drag would just make this even worse.


complimentary angles are angles whose sum is 90 degrees. So what angle plus 50 is 90? 45 or 40?
thanks that makes sense.  I didn't know if I should have added 45 to 45 to equal 90.  I know the answer is 40 degrees now.
Yep, that's it.  So if you throw something at 10 degrees, it will go just as far as 80 degrees.  20-70, 30-60, and so on.
But this is only assuming no air resistance and no wind.  In real life, things are different.