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What is nordstrom competitive advantages

competitive advangages of nordstrom 

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Briefly, their competitive advantages are the quality of their products, their consistently high level of customer service, and continuous improvement to continuous improvement.
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Nordstrom's largest competitive advantage is their customer service. You can order any of their products online and have them shipped to their store for free.  Also, they have good tailors and cobblers to repair any item you may have purchased there. I purchased a purse from them, after a year, the zipper didn't work, so their  cobbler repaired it for free. One of the more famous stories of Nordstroms return policy is when a customer purchased snow tires from a tire store. The tire store later went out of business, and Nordstroms purchased the building and land. The customer who purchaed the snow tires, returned to the defunct tire store (then Nordstroms) and attempted to return their snow tires. Nordstroms accepted the return.