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Solve for the equation

I need help trying to sole tan(2x) =1- where x is more than or equal to 0 but x is less than or equal to pi
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2 Answers

To solve this equation we need to obtain the angle which is Tan (2x)=1 ; ArcTan(2x) = 1
2x = 45 degrees = 45X0.01571 = 0.7069 radians. x then will be equal to 0.3535 radians which is greater than Zero and less than 3.141592 radians. 
             The easy way to solve this is to recall that tangent of 45 deg or π/4 radians is 1.0. So we must have  2x=45 or π/4 so x=22.5 deg or π/8 radians.