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simplify solutions

assuming that none of this solution is underfined, please simplify.
a^2^m b ^m^+^1


It would be useful if you would use the superscript included here.  It's difficult to read these.
I've noticed you tend to put an extra ^ when you're meaning for 2 things to be in an exponent.  Like, does a^2^m mean a^(2m)?  Or rather, a2m if you use the superscript?
Otherwise folks are just making assumptions about what you're meaning.
Okay I think I understand so I will try to re-enter the problem.
a^3m b^m+1
     a^m b
I think myanswer is        a^m+1

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(a^2^m b^m^+1)/(a^m b) =
Use left to right rule from PEMDAS:
((a^2)^m (b^m)^1)/(a^m b) =
a^(2m – m) b^(m – 1) =
a^m b^(m – 1)
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 a^(2m) b ^ ( m+1) / a^m b = a ^( 2m -m) b ^ ( m+1 -1)=
                                            = a ^m. b ^m