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Loudon County Phone Company charges a $100 activation fee plus a monthly fee of $0.05 per minute for every minute over 200 minutes each month. (So, there is no monthly charge for 0 – 200 minutes of use per month). show all work.
(a) Write an equation that can be used to determine a new subscriber’s first month’s phone bill, B(x), given the amount of minutes called, x. (Assume that the subscriber will make over 200 minutes of calls) '
(b) Determine the subscriber’s first month’s bill if the total minutes used was 650. Show work.
(c) Determine the number of minutes used if the new subscriber’s first month bill was $114. Show work.

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a) B(x)=$100+(x-200)($0.05)
b) B(x)=$100+(650-200)($0.05)
c) $114=$100+(x-200)($0.05)
               $2400=$5x  (multiply both sides by 100)
               480=x (480 minutes used)
    check:  480-200=280 minutes @ $0.05 per minute equals 280*$0.05=$14 Plus $100 fee equals $114