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How do you figure out how to determine the best method to solve the system of equations then sole the system?

Can't figure out? Don't know what im doing wrong. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Answer

When you have a system of equations, there are three main methods for solving it:

Elimination, substitution, and graphing.

The choice of which method to use is based on the equations.

If you can easily multiply one of the equations by a factor you choose and then subtract the resulting new equation from the other equation in the system, and by doing so eliminate one of the variables, leaving you with one equation in one variable, then elimination is a good choice.

If one of the equations can be solved for one of the variables, and you can then substitute that variable in the other equation, thus creating an equation in one variable, substitution would be a good choice.

And if you can rearrange the equations in either slope-intercept form, or point-slope form, you can then just plot both lines on a graph and find the solution from the intersection of the lines.

If you need more details about any of these methods, please comment on this answer for more help.