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Which of the following is best described as the study of the nature of matter, especially at the atomic and molecular level?

by the way this is physical science question


Hi Benz;
You ask, "Which of the following..."
Nothing follows.
What are the choices?

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Stanton D. | Tutor to Pique Your Sciences InterestTutor to Pique Your Sciences Interest
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Choose chemistry, if you think that things like the chemical behavior (chemical reactions) of molecules is what your course is about. Choose physics, if you think that the physical behavior, such as interaction of molecules with light, or with other molecules WITHOUT chemically reacting is what your course is about.
Suresh R. | All Math, Physical, Computer Sciences and Test Prep.All Math, Physical, Computer Sciences an...
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I have dealt with atoms, molecules and their interaction in at least three different subject areas:
Physics - Atomic models, electromagnetic radiation, spectroscopy.
Inorganic/Physical Chemistry - Orbital electrons, ionization energies, valencies, bonds.
Organic/Bio-Chemistry/Physiology - Carbohydrates, Proteins, Citric Acid Cycle, many other chain formations.