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2 Answers

Now, now.
Neveen, your question is a little disorganized ("Upon you car is missing"?). Your teacher is just looking for something of the form of "Ask why car is gone", (Do applicable background research: whatever! Could you simply have forgotten where you parked it?), Make Hypothesis #1, Test Hypothesis #1, decide if Hypothesis #1 was correct (You found your car crushed into a little cube at the recycling yard -- scant comfort that!?); if so, stop; if not, return to the "Make Hypothesis" box and make hypothesis #2, test H#2, decide if H#2 was correct; if so, stop; if not, return to "Make Hypothesis " box, etc.
You need to simply create plausible reasons to test, as H#1, H#2, etc.
You should really be able to go crazy on this, with the help of your entire class -- maybe end up with a hallway poster display "50 Ways to Find Your Missing Car"??
The steps of the scientific method are to:
Ask a Question
Do Background Research
Construct a Hypothesis
Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
Communicate Your Results
I'm not convinced finding a car fits the scientific method well since there is no statistical test and no analysis of data.   These days I push a button and my car yells at me, so I don't need much experimentation. And, by the way, I don't plan to recycle my car.