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graphing equations in slope intercept form

this is the question.  if from 2002 to 2005 renewable energy increased on average 0.17 quadrillionbtus per year. about 6.07 quadrillion btus produced in 2002. need to write equation in slope intercept form to find amount of renewable power P in year Y produced between2002 and 2005. and how much was produced in 2005

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1 Answer

Slope-Intercept is:  y = mx + b

your "x" is the thing that won't change by what you do to the other thing (independent variable). For your problem, time is time, if you change the btus you won't alter time. So your independent variable is time. They want you to represent time with the letter Y.

your "y" is the dependent. for your equation, y will represent btus. They want you to represent this with the letter P.

m = slope or average change (0.17 quadrillion btus/year)

b = starting value and/or y-intercept (6.07 quadrillion btus)

plug into y = mx + b

P = (0.17 quadrillion btus/year)Y + (6.07 quadrillion btus)