Kaylee Z.

asked • 05/25/16

if the sum of a number and twice another number is 13. the first number is four larger what are the numbers?

There needs to be and equation for both questions asked and an answer

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Andrew M. answered • 05/25/16

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Michael D.

Hi Kaylee

Since you are working with the sum of two numbers, we can represent the numbers as X & Y.

Assuming that your second sentence is intended to mean four more than the second number...then the first number, X = Y + 4

You are also told that X + 2*Y = 13

Plug in the expression for X in this second equation and you can solve for Y, which you can then use in the expression for X to obtain the value of X.


Andrew M.

Exactly what I put and worked out.  Thank you Michael.


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