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I have a question about a practice listening test!! Why is the correct answer D? I chose C.

ranscript of listening
Now, um, one problem with von Frisch's theory had been this: It seems to take the forager bees a long time to reach the food site. That's why ... [false start] That's why scientists thought that perhaps it wasn't the waggle dance that led them there. For many years, scientists couldn't follow the foragers after they left the hive,. because they didn't have the technology. Just a few years ago, though, the British scientists solved this problem using a new type of radar. They were able to attach a, uh, small radio transmitter to forager bees -- I don't know how, but they did. This enabled them to follow the forager bees' flight after they left the hive. The radar showed that foragers, do, in fact, fly straight to the area of the food site. They don't follow the scout bee back to the site, because the scout goes into the hive after it finishes dancing. Well then, if the waggle dance does lead the foragers directly to the food site, why does it take so long for them to find the actual food? The answer is that the waggle dance leads the foragers only to the general area of the food. It doesn't tell them the exact location of the flowers or plants that have the food. So the foragers have to spend a while flying around the area before they find the exact location of what they're looking for.
6). What can be inferred about how forager bees find food?

A. They rely solely on the information from the waggle dance.

B.  They rely completely upon their senses of sight and smell.

C. They use the waggle dance to reach the area of the food.

D. They use their senses to find the exact location of food.

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     Waggle dance by scout bee  precedes forging bees'  food quest yet it takes a long  time for them  to find the food area. Therefore, they do not seem to rely totally on the dance. A includes their sole reliance on the dance and therefore, A is not correct.
Waggle dance appears to lead them in the direction of the food  indicating its partial contribution, sole reliance on their smell and sight is not true and so B is incorrect in stating sole reliance on their sight and smell.
Waggle dance leads them to the direction of the food area but  not the exact food area as included in C and therefore, it is incorrect.
Indeed bees use their senses to find the exact location of food as stated in the statement D and therefore, it is correct.  


Thank you again, Naina!!
Yes, you are right!! Waggle dance leads them to the direction of the food but the area is not correct.
Therefore, I have to eliminate this answer!!
Thank you for your big help!!