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how do I figure out how to do a tangent function

graph y = Atan(Bx-c) with y-coordinates on graph 1/4 and 3/4 between consecutive asymptotes -1 and 1
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I do not think there is enough information provided.  What I can tell you is that if your tangent function has consecutive tangent at x=-1 and x=1, then your period is 2.  
Recall that the period of the function y=A tan(Bx-C) is pi/abs(B).  Since pi/abs(B) = 2, then 
abs(B) = pi/2
or equivalently
B = pi/2 or -pi/2.
Thus your function has form
y=A tan(pi/2 * x -C)
y=A tan(-pi/2 * x -C).
If you could clarify your question or reword it, I may be able to help more.


Mr. Johnathan. here is the full question : find tangent graph in form y= A tan (Bx -C).  I need to find a with the y coordinate of points 1/4 and 3/4 between consecutive asymptotes given -1 and 1 ... please explain how to find period function ? , and the coefficient of x which is B.. then please explain how to find phase shift (horizontal) and value of C.. please explain how this is done