Annette C.

asked • 11/20/12

Writing expressions

The average # of tea drinkers in the year 2000 was 12.5 million and the average # of coffee drinkers was 16 million.  During the next 3 years, the # of tea drinkers would increase an average of 5 million per year and the number of coffee drinkers would decrease an average of 2 million per year.  Write an expression describing the relationship between the # of tea drinkers and time (x years after 2000), and an expression describing the # of coffee drinkers and time.

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Mykola V. answered • 11/20/12

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Mykola V.

I'm pretty sure it would be best to show the student how you arrived at 2T+5C instead of just stating it. A better approach would be to solve for x in terms of either T or C and then plug it in to the other expression, at least it would be easier for the student to understand that.


Roman C.


Yes. I just used the least common multiple of the coefficients of x terms, which is 10. Multiplying T(x) by 2 make's it's x-coefficient 10, and multiplying C(x) by 5 makes it's x-coefficient -10. Now adding the resulting equations makes the x-terms cancel.



Mykola V.

Thank you. =]



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