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simplify log(x^2)-log(x)

I am doing equivalent logarithms and would like to know how to simplify the following

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log(x^2) - log(x) = log (x^2/x) = log x

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I don't see any reason to vote down. Based on the properties of the logarithmic function, there are few ways to solve this problem (or notations to write the solution). 

log x2 - log x = 2log x - log x = log x    
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For the moment, think of log(x^2) as being log(x*x)
We know from the rules of logarithms that
log (x*y) = log(x) + log(y)
In this case, log(x^2)-log(x) = log(x) + log(x) - log(x) = log(x)