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I dont get how to do; y=5/3x?

Help me solve this please its Slope intercept form

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 This is not a linear function.
   / is a division sign.
   Maybe it should have been
    Y = 3X + 5
     ( 0 , 5 ) is y- intercept
     ( -5/3 , 0 ) is X - intercept
      So connect those 2 points and extend. 


Hi Parviz;
I understand your excellent point.
I always assume that we have a margin of error in that the instructor writes it one way on the marker-board, the student records it his/her way in such notes, and then it is presented herein.
It might also be that the textbook is presenting it one way with appropriate spacing, and then the student presents it as best as he/she can herein.
I think this is y=(5/3)x, and that the instructor and/or textbook is challenging the student to realize that the silent b is zero.
But you might be correct.
Thanks Vivian, I thought it was  Y = 5/(3X). 
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Hi Dalton;
This is the slope-intercept formula.
The slope is 5/3.
The y-intercept is 0--when x=0, y=0
The slope is the (change of y)/(change of x).
The slope is (y-y1)/(x-x1).
In other words, if we take two coordinates, this is how to represent these as the slope.
When y changes 5 units, x changes 3 units.
Slope is defined as rise/run.
When the line rises up 5 units, it also runs right 3 units.
Let's randomly select one set of coordinates...
How about (6, 10)?
The other coordinates must be (3,5).
Does this help?  If not, please let me know.


 Just add a comment.
   Y= mx + b , if  b=0 , then line passes through origin.
     then Y = 5/3 X
     From origin go 5 units up , and 3 units to the right, and find your 2nd point of line and connect.