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What does ????mean?

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3 Answers

If the question is "Ii tenki desu ne?," it would be "Pleasant weather (today), huh?"  But "Kyou (ha), tenki ga ii desu ka" would have the meaning "Is the weather nice today?."
I think this site doesn't support Japanese, so romaji, or a link elsewhere might be useful in the future.
Just adding that while this is often used by ESL and native speakers as Jeff said (an expression of confusion, puzzlement, or even frustration caused by confusion), it's definitely not standard English and one wouldn't use it in, say, an academic paper or even a workplace email.
Fun fact: Once upon a time, there was a mark that combined the "?" and "!" symbols called the interrobang--"interro" being the root for "question" (as in "interrogation"), and "bang" being common journalistic slang for an exclamation point. It didn't stick, but it definitely looked cool:
To attempt to guess? a series of question marks or exclamation points would be expressing the reader's feelings. perhaps puzzlement, quizzical, wonderment. A exclamation is higlighting and intensifying the emotion or the point being driven home.


Hello. Thank you. I am sorry, but the question was written in Japanese. (It did not show correctly)