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I am trying to get the answer for d=8t

Damon runs the 100-meter dash at an average speed of 8 meters per second. The equation d=8t describes the distance d that Damon can run in t seconds at this speed. Represent the function by a graph.

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This is just a direct variation equation.  Pretend that the t is your x-coordinate and the D is your y-coordinate.  If so, then your equation would look like this:
y = 8x
If you remember, slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) allows you to graph linear equations easily. In this case, your equation could look like this:
y = 8x + 0
The slope is 8 and the y-intercept is 0.
Plot the y-intercept first (0.0).
Then use the slope to move from this point to the next.  A slope of 8 is the same as 8/1 which means to rise 8 and run 1 (go up 8 and right 1).  This will move you to the next point (1,8).  Plot this point.
If you connect these two points, then you will have a graph of the function.


Toya, After reading Ashley's answer I believe she is instructing you exactly how to graph this function.