Angelica J.

asked • 10/15/15

Enthalpty stoichiometry problem?? PLEASE help??!!

The value of H for the reaction below is -72 kJ. _______kJ of heat are released when 1.0 mol of HBr is formed in this reaction.
H2 (g) + Br2(g) => 2HBr (g)

I tried to solve it..
1.0 mol HBr (-72 kJ/ 2 mol HBr) = -36 kJ

My possible answers only include a positive 36.
Am I wrong?? If not, why on earth do I keep getting the wrong signs on the H when I do these calculations? I want to make sure I get the answers right every time. Any explanation as to why I am getting the wrong signs would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

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Christopher J. answered • 10/15/15

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