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Hypothesis excel worksheet

a random sample is selected from a normal population. The population mean is µ=60 and the population standard deviation is σ=15. After a treatment is given to the members of the sample, the sample mean is M=65. The sample size is n=25.
A) The Hypothesis Test:
H0: µ=60
H1: µ<>60
a= 0.05
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1 Answer

Since the population standard deviation is known, you would use the z-score to find the P-value for this hypothesis.
We have
z = (M-µ)/(σ/√n) =(65-60)/(15/5) = 1.67.
Use a table or the TI-83 or Excel to find the P-value,
P = 0.096
Since P > a=0.05, the result is NOT significant at the 5% level, so you do NOT reject the null hypothesis µ=60.
It is significant at the 10% level though.