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how do i factor 2x^3 -9x^2 +2x+3?

help please. i tried using the p/q method, but when i graphed it the roots were all fractions.

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Hey Elizabeth -- if 2x^3 -9x^2 -2x +3, then 1/2 is a root ... divide by 2x-1 to get quadratic :)


If 2x^3 +9x^2 +2x +3, then -3/2 looks good ... divide by 2x+3 to get quad ...
If 2x^3 -9x^2 +2x -3, then x= 3/2 and (2x-3) fits to factor ... Best wishes :)
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Are you sure your coefficients are correct?
This polynomial does not factor in an obvious way. The exact solution requires use of the so-called cubic formula, which involves complex numbers. The three roots are irrational numbers and can be approximated numerically. You get
x1≈-0.458, x2≈0.784, x3≈4.174