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Is my answer for this pre algebra problem correct? PLEASE ANSWER WITHIN 24 HOURS

I will show the steps used, please tell me if they are correct or not.

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As Grigori noted in his description, the answer is 1.  I believe it is easier to see in the following.
Since we have + 14/3 on both sides we can cancel those out by subtracting it from each side, which leaves.
Then we move the leave the variable (n) on the left and move the number to the right side of the equation by adding 3/14 to each side we get
5/7n=1/2+3/14  --> 5/7n=10/14  --> 5/7n=5/7
Which can now be seen to be solvable by multiplying each side by 7/5
7/5*5/7n = 7/5*5/7 --> 1n = 1 --> n=1
Grigori S. | Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.
I can't understand what is the sign between 5/7n and 3/14 (+ or -). Is it 5/(7n) or (5/7) n? I guess,the last one is correct. Whatever sign you have for 3/14, your answer is incorrect. It should ben = 2/5 if it is +3/14, or n = 1 if -3/14. Because, after 14/3 on both sides are canceled, you have left
(5/7)n + 3/14 = 1/2 and n = [(1/2) - 3/14] /(5/7) = [(7/14) -3/14]/ (5/7) = 2/5