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simplify 9(-9d+19)

simplify the expression

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This depends on what your teacher wants. If they are wanting it expanded then simply multiply both terms by 9. Other than that possibility, that only thing u can do to further simplify this expression is to factor out the negative from the term inside the parenthesis. This would become
Some consider a negative sign in front of the highest order term in a polynomial to not be simplified. You cant take any further factors from the inside term because 19 is a prime number. 
Sophia Y. | GED, Basic Math, Algebra, English and Language ArtsGED, Basic Math, Algebra, English and La...
If we are discussing the distributive property here, it would go as follows:
9(-9d) + 9(19)
-81d + 171
that is as far as you can reduce it b/c 171 does not have a (d) beside it...i hope that helps!