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logp 3 243 whats the value?

i want the answer or method for solving this thing!

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2 Answers

I'm guessing you mean that log3(243) = p? If so, then we can solve it this way:

By saying that log3(243) = p, what you are in effect saying is that 3p = 243. Replace p with a succession of integers and you will find that p = 5.

But what if p isn't an integer? Say we have log7(29) = p; then, the only way to exactly determine p is log(29)/log(7).


log(base 3) 243

= log(base 3) 3^5

= 5*log(base 3) 3

= 5


The Four Basic Properties of Logs

logb (xy) = logb x + logb y.

logb (x/y) = logb x - logb y.

logb (xn) = n logb x.

logb x = loga x / loga b.