Aanchal C.

asked • 06/09/15

I am not able to understand the question, please help

A charge Q is placed at each of the opposite corners of a square .
A charge q is placed at each of the other 2 corners . if net electrical force on Q is 0(zero) . then Q/q equals 
  1. -2 x √2
  2.  -1
  3.  1
  4.   - 1/(√2) 

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Aanchal C.

sir, please help me get through this one also and thank you for the above one.
A boat is moving due east where the earths magnetic field is 5.0 X (10 ^-5 ) N/Am due north and horizontal .
The boat carries a vertical aerial 2 metres long. if the speed of the boat is 1.5 m/s. The magnitude of emf induced in the aerial wire is ?
  • 0.75 mV
  • 0.50 mV
  • 0.15 mV
  • 1.0 mV


Daniel S.

The answer is .15 mV. I see you're from New York, NY, which is also where I live. I would love to give you a full explanation to this question and any others you have in a tutoring session. I can also give you deeper explanations than the one I gave above, so you can develop a better understanding. If you're interested, message me and we can set up a session. Thanks!


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