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Electric Force Physics Forces Nuclear Force


Protons experience both electric and gravitational forces. Comparing the forces between 2 protons in a nucleus, it is correct to state that

A electric force is much stronger than the gravitational forceB gravitational force is much stronger that the electric forceC electric force is shorter range than the gravitational forceD... more
Electric Force Physics Circular Motion


Electrostatics + Circular Motion

In a helium atom, two electrons orbit the nucleus that consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. If the atomic radius of helium is 3.1x10^-11 m, what is the average kinetic energy of the electrons?... more

Angled electric field

A charged object of mass 0.004 kg is suspended by a string in a uniform electric field of magnitude 540000 N/C. The electric field, angled 42º above the horizontal, causes the object to be in... more


Electric Fields and Forces

A charge of -6.4 μC is fixed on the x axis at the x=-4.0 m, while a charge of +1.6 μC is fixed at the origin   Which points on the x axis at which the net electric field is zero?
Electric Force Physics Circular Disk


Find the electric force of circular disk

An annulus is a circular disk with a hole through the center. Suppose an annulus with an outer radius of 9 cm and inner radius of 5 cm is placed horizontally and bears a uniform surface charge... more
Electric Force Physics Proton


Physics Force on Proton

What would the force on a proton be at (0,0)m be if 6 electrons were arranged in a regularhexagon centred on (0,0)m?   I was thinking along the lines of finding the electric field at the centre.... more
Electric Force Physics Electricity Magnetism


Electric force?

Calculate the electric force that exists between two objects that are 7.3 × 10–2 m apart and carry charges of 4.5 × 10–6 C and –7.2 × 10–6 C. Is this force attractive or repulsive?
Electric Force Physics Charges


I am not able to understand the question, please help

A charge Q is placed at each of the opposite corners of a square . A charge q is placed at each of the other 2 corners . if net electrical force on Q is 0(zero) . then Q/q equals    -2... more
Electric Force


the net force on -7 micro c charged particle is required ?

Four fixed charges are arranged in a rectangle each charge are in the corner of the rectangle charges are ( -16 micro c,25 micro c,-7 micro c ,+9 micro c) respectively ….find the electric force on... more

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