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Charges Physics


Three objects with charges +5.0 μC, -6.0 μC, and +7.0 μC are placed in a line, Determine the magnitude and direction of the net electric force on each charge.

+5.0μC -6.0 μC +7.0 μC <---- charges●---------------------●--------------● 0.80m 0.40m <---- distance between objects
Charges Physics


Two identical point charges (q 7.20 106 C) are fixed at diagonally opposite corners of a

Two identical point charges(q 7.20 106 C) are fixed atdiagonally opposite corners of asquare with sides of length 0.480 m.A test charge (q02.40 108 C),with a mass of 6.60 108 kg, isreleased... more


I am not able to understand the question, please help

A charge Q is placed at each of the opposite corners of a square . A charge q is placed at each of the other 2 corners . if net electrical force on Q is 0(zero) . then Q/q equals    -2... more

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