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simplify (-2p)^4

need to simplify

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(-2p)4 is same as:  (-2p)(-2p)(-2p)(-2p) --> (-2)4 *p4 --->16p4

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You have a multiplication, raised to a power.  

So, there's a theory that says:
(a*b)^c = (a^c)*(b^c)

- this can be proven by expanding and rearranging the order of the multiplications.  As an example:

(2*3)^4 = (2*3)*(2*3)*(2*3)*(2*3) = (2*2*2*2)*(3*3*3*3) = (2^4)*(3^4) = 16*81...

Further, if you do not have a value for your variable, then you can't compute a simpler expression that combines the variable with the power - once you get down to p^4, that's as simple as that part of the expression will get.