Sara N.

asked • 06/07/15

How would I perform a titration for quality control analysis on sodium levels in a soda and vit. C levels in coconut water?

In chemistry lab we are supposed to perform quality control analysis on a basic product and an acidic product. I chose Sprite and coconut water, but I'm trying to figure out how to do the experiment. We are told to figure out what we will do on our own, and I want to do it correctly.

For the Sprite - I would like to test the sodium levels to determine how close they are to the amount listed on the bottle.

For coconut water - I would like to test if the vitamin C content is close to the amount listed on the bottle.

Can someone help explain how to do the procedures and the amounts to use, etc.?

I am a bit confused since Sprite is generally an acidic product, but if we are testing for sodium, which is basic, wouldn't we need to titrate using HCl? Can you titrate acid into an acidic product to find out sodium levels?

Same with coconut water - it is generally alkaline, but vit. C is acidic. So how do we titrate?
I am hoping someone can give me a precise procedure to follow.

Please help me! :)

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Steve C. answered • 06/07/15

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Sara N.

Thank you, Steve!


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