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what is the area of a square with sides 8 ft. long?

Math question.

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The area of a 2 dimensional 4 sided parallelogram is simply length times width (L*W) and is expressed in 'square' whatever measurement you are using.  So, 8*8=64, and is expressed as 64 square feet.

The area of a square with sides of 8 ft is 64 square feet. Use the formula for area of a square:  A=s*s

Answer is 64 square feet


The formula to determine the area of a square is:

area = width * height 

Because a square is equal on all sides you can use the formula:

area= s

s will be the length of one side

s2 will be the length of both sides so it should look like this:

area= 8*8  which equals 64 

Because s (the length of one side) is squared (because you have 2 sides) the final answer will be 64 ft2


A square has all sides equal. So, since one side is 8 feet long the other sides also have the same length.

Area of a rectangle is  length multiplied by the width. In this case, length is equal to width. So,

Area is 8 ft * 8 ft which is 64 ft2.



The area of a square is the side length squared, so it is (8ft)(8ft) or 64ft2.