Casey M.

asked • 05/13/15

How many total pastries did Mama bake originally, and how many did member of the family get?

One evening, Mama baked a large batch of pastries for her family, which
consisted of Papa and their three children: Ed, Lisa, and Judy. During the
night, Papa got up and ate 1/3 of the pastries. He then (separate from the
1/3) gave one pastry to the family dog, Spike.

The oldest son, Ed was the next to get up. He planned to eat 1/4 of the
pastries, but when he separated them into 4 piles, he saw there were 3
pastries left over. He decided to feed those 3 pastries to Spike. Ed then
ate the original planned 1/4 of the pastries.

Lisa awoke next and gobbled down 1/3 of the remaining pastries. Before
going back to bed, Lisa gave 2 pastries to Spike.

The last family member to awaken and visit the kitchen was young Judy.
She ate 8 pastries and then gave 1/8 of what was left to Spike.

The next morning Mama noticed there were only 14 pastries left! She ate
2, gave 2 to Spike, and then split the remaining pastries evenly for her
whole family, (5 people in all: Mama, Papa, Ed, Lisa, and Judy) to have for

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Ashley S. answered • 05/13/15

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David W.

And poor Spike is sick (he didn't tell each person that he had already eaten).
You should Ashley's calculations just like you always check your own calculations to see whether Mama made 78 pastries.
I got 84 for the number of pastries (I'll not point out Ashley's error), but here's how I checked my answer.
Papa are 1/3 (that is 28) which left 84 - 28 = 56 then gave 1 to Spike, leaving 55.
Ed realized that when 55 is divided into 4 piles (of 13 each) there are 3 left over  (verified!). So he gave Spike 3 and ate 1/4 = 13 as he had planned.  That leaves 55 - 3 - 13 = 39.
Lisa awoke and are 1/3 of 39, which is 13 leaving 26 then gave Spike 2 before going back to bed.  The are now 26-2 = 24 pastries.
Then, Judy ate 8 (calculate 24 - 8 = 16) and she gave (1/8)*16 to sick (by this time) Spike.  Thus, Spike got 2 more pastries and there were now 16 - 2 = 14 for Mama to find in the morning.
After mama ate 2 and gave 2 more to very-sick Spike, Mama split the remaining 10 into 2 for each of five people.
Now, reread the question (this is important if you are going to answer what it asked!!).  Mama made 78 pastries, but " many did member of the family get?"  Now, you have to add up the various numbers that we just calculated.
Oh, by the way, since we got 14, we did verify that 78 is the correct number for how many pastries Mama made.
I never trust my first answer!  I've worked with computers for over 40 years and I've learned that I often make typos, often add numbers wrong, and often forget very simple requirements.  Don't get lazy on me here, Check your work !!
Best of wishes (and if you find Ashley's error, post a comment so she can learn, too).


David W.

See, I made a type, "You should check Ashley's answer ..."


David W.

Well, no, I didn't make a type, I made a typo.  It's me, not the keyboard.


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