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Work with Functions and some other stuff

Ok i'm a bit lazy and don't feel like typing in all this and just to avoid other stuff i'm just going to post a link to the Functions.       It's 3 Questions                                                                                       .


River, you have to separate second address from the first one. Press "Space" few times (or Enter), as you did with the third address. So far, we can open only two questions.
3. D (y = 3x + 2)

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If you inspect the y values, you will note that the y value goes up one for every value of x.

If you are already using slope, that means that the slope is 1. With slope-intercept form, you need to know two things: the slope and the y value where x = 0. Here y = 7 where x = 0.

So the formula for the line is y = x + 7.

Question B asks what is the value of y when x = 8. Just substitute x with x in the equation above and you get: y = 8 + 7. That simplifies down to y = 15.

Question C asks what is the value of x when y = 35. So to do that, we substitute y with 35:

35 = x + 7

35 - 7 = x + 7 - 7

28 = x

So when y = 35, x = 28. And there you have it!