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Given the function value and the quadrant restirction, find θ?

Sin θ=-0.9744   (270°, 360°)
Function Value Algebra Help


Finding the value of a constant

Determine the value of the constant k so that x-2 is a factor of the function g(x)=2x^4+kx^3+3x+4
Function Value


f(x)=5x^3-13x^2+4x-6; f(1)

Synthetic theorem to find function value
Function Value


what is the function value of x when y = 3?

I real need to know if anybody can help me out thank you!!!!
Function Value Functions Function Rules


Work with Functions and some other stuff

Ok i'm a bit lazy and don't feel like typing in all this and just to avoid other stuff i'm just going to post a link to the Functions.... more


Work with Functions

What is the rule for this function table X:0,1,2,3,4  Y:7,8,9,10,11   And after you find the rule tell me whats the Value of y when x = 8. Then i need to know what would be the value of x when y =... more
Function Value


function value

for g(x)=-√(x+1)^2   find g(-7)
Function Value


for f(x)=-|x+2|, find f(-8)

find the function value

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