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Which point or points do NQ and PM have in common?

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2 Answers

When you look at the figure, imagine shading segment NQ one color and segment PM another color. Which segment along the line would have both colors shaded?

Remember that the answer to the question should include all the points that they share, not just the points that are labeled. The part with both colors shaded would be all the points between N and P, including N and including P.

Another way to say this is that segment NQ and segment PM have the segment NP in common.

Hello Ms.

The line shown has 4 points in the order of M, N, P, and Q.

NQ are PM are line segments, indicating they are a part of the line. If you view this link , you can see that NQ and PM overlap at 2 points, N and P, which I have drawn small black lines over.

Therefore, NQ and PM have the points N and P in common.

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They also have all the points between N and P in common.

Yes, an infinite number of them at that, but since those points are not labeled, they are not included in the answer. Thanks Jason.