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What is the area of the triangle in cm

7 is on the base of the triangle & 13 is on the right side of the triangle

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Another way to remember the formula for the Area of a Right Triangle is:

A = (b x h)/2

Sometimes, students can remember this more readily and it's just as accurate.

So, A = (7 x 13)/2 = 91/2 = 45.5 cm2






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The area (A) of a triangle given its base (b) and height (h) is defined by the following formula:

          Area = (1/2)base·height     ==>     A = (1/2)bh

The triangle in question has the following base and height:

               b = 7 cm      and      h = 13 cm

Therefore, its area is:

                    A = (1/2)(7 cm)(13 cm)

                       = (1/2)(91 cm2)

                   A = 45.5 cm2

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1/2base*height =   1/2(7)=7/2*13 = 91/2 or 45 1/2 cm squared

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Gavin...are the measures to your triangle in cm's If they are...then the formula you should commit to memory...write it on your hand...or area(of a RIGHT ONLY triangle!!) = one-half base times height[in words] but in an equation...a = ½(b × h), If its not a RIGHT TRIANGLE...then its another formula. Those you should commit to memory as well...write them on your pillow(if your mom let's you).

And another question...if your measures aren't in 'cm'...then you should know how to change whatever measures you able to convert them to cm's.

I'll be glad to help...