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function of Sin

What is the function of Sin

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Hi, John.

You might find the following helpful: SOHCAHTOA (pronounced "soe-kah-toe-ah). It means:

Sine = Opposite over Hypotenuse,
Cosine = Adjacent over Hypotenuse,
Tangent = Opposite over Adjacent

Hope this helps.

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Hey John! Sine or sin is simply the ratio of 2 sides of a right triangle: which sides?

sin(angle)= side the angle is "looking at" / the longest side

When the angle is tiny, sine is tiny because the "the side the angle is looking at" is tiny.

When the angle grows to 90 degrees, the "looked-at" side nearly matches the longest side; sin/90=> 1. Warmest wishes, sir :)

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Ha! I thought you meant moral sin. Apparently there is a computing mathematical function called SIN. A meaningful mistake?