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what is 2/3 add up to one is what as a fractions

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3 Answers

If I understand your question, it's asking what fraction you would add to the given fraction to equal 1. In fraction form, any time the denominator and numerator are equal, that equals one. 

For example:

Setup your givens:                          1 = 2/3 + x
Change the 1 into fraction form:      3/3 = 2/3 + x
Move the 2/3 over:                         3/3 - 2/3 = x
Subtract:                                       1/3 = x

You can do that for each of the fractions in question. When you change the 1 into fraction form, you need to look at the denominator of your given fraction and use that for when you change your 1. 

This is a matching problem... so first all the fractions should be brought to the same denominator.  Which is likely what the teacher wants your child to practice. 

3, 8, 6, & 4 all are factors of 24 (3x8=24 and 6x4=24).  Let's make all the denominators (bottoms) the same number 24.  

For 2/3 to get the bottom number (3) to be 24 I have to multiply it by 8.  Since I multiplied the bottom by 8 I also have to multiply the top by 8.  SO - my new fraction is 16/24 which is equivalent (equal to) 2/3.  

For 3/8 to get the bottom number (8) to be 24 I have to multiply by 3 (8x3=24).  Then I do the same to the top (3x3=9).  New Fraction is 9/24

For 5/6.  We know that 6x4=24, so I multiply both the top and bottom by 4.  The top 5x4=20.  New fraction is 20/24. 

3/4.  Bottom is 4x6=24. So top is 3x6=18.  New fraction is 18/24. 

To do the matching the two fractions must equal 1 or in this case 24/24.  


None of these work, so I guess there are more on the page?  

3/4 + 2/8 would work. Make them the same denominator or bottom - 8.  4x 2 = 8. And 3x2 = 6.  So 3/4 =6/8.  6/8 + 2/8 = 8/8 because we only add the top.  8/8 means 8 pieces make a whole and we have 8 pieces so we have a whole or 1.  

I hope this helps.  It is much easier to show this in person and practice together.  Good luck!