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How do you label points where the line crosses the axes?

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Hi Clara,

You are asking how to label the points where the line crosses the axis, is that correct?

Like Andy answered you, your slope is -1, (or -1/1, rise over run) and your y-intercept is -4 (since y = mx + b).

Since you know that you have a point at (0,-4), you can then use your slope, -1, to find another point on your line for this equation. From the point (0,-4), you would move down one unit ( -1 "rise") and to the right 1 unit (positive 1 "run"), placing your next point at (1,-5). You mark both of these points with a very small circle or "dot" and connect the lines with a ruler, putting an arrow on each end since it goes on forever.

If this doesn't answer your question, please let me know and I will clarify!

Hope this helps!

The equation we are working with is y = -x - 4

This equation is in slope-intercept form (y = mx + b), and m = -1 and b = -4. This means that the slope is -1 and that the y-intercept is -4. Thus, we know that the line is downward sloping, which means that it looks more like a backslash (\) than a forward slash (/). Also the y intercept is the point where the line intersects the y-axis. Thus, we know that the line intersects the y-axis at -4. In other words, the line travels through the point (0,-4).