algebra question

chrissy spent 5.00 on supplies and lemonade powder for her lemonade stand. she charges .50 cents per glass. a. write a function P(x) to represent her ptofit per glass so;d. (i have... more


Can someone please help me with this?

I’m helping my younger brother with his homework, and I just want to make sure I’m helping him correctly. The x-axis is a line of symmetry for a triangle. The coordinates of two of its vertices are... more


Can someone please help me with this Math problem?

My younger brother needs help with this Math problem, how can I explain it to him so he understands it better?The ratio of employees to computers in a certain company is 12 to 2. If there are 6... more


Through (0,2) and (1,-3)

What would this look like?I got -5 I'm not sure if this is right?


What equation would this look like? slope 3/4 , y-intercept = -2

I want to know if I'm correct.I got:y = 3/4x - 2Am I correct? :)


2x^2 - 3x - 20in^2


This year, a small business had a total revenue of $42,900 . If this is 35% less than their total revenue the previous year, what was their total revenue the previous year?


Equations by substitution or addition/elimination method

Please help and show me step by step how to use the sub/add/elim method for this equation:4x-16y=188y=6+2x


Mathematics alexis

Wayne used 10 centimeters of tape to wrap 5 presents. How much tape will Wayne need in all if he has to wrap 6 presents? Solve using unit rates.


What are the odds?

What is the probability that a 5 digit number where the first number may not be zero randomly generated from among the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and is the number 27272?

For commercials aired during a sporting​ event, advertisers paid an average of​ $5 million to air a​ 30-sec commercial.

For commercials aired during a sporting​ event, advertisers paid an average of​ $5 million to air a​ 30-sec commercial. Even at this​ rate, some commercials were longer than 30 sec. A total of 60... more

A motel clerk counts his​ $1 and​ $10 bills at the end of the day.

A motel clerk counts his​ $1 and​ $10 bills at the end of the day. He finds that he has a total of 44 bills having a combined monetary value of ​$152. Find the number of bills of each denomination... more


Take a factor out of the square root:

√48x^2, where x≤0


Put a factor back into the square root: 7*√10 6*√x

7*√106*√xThank you so much for all of your help!!!


Does the following expression make any sense:


Algebra 2 Problem, Combinations/Permutations

I'm having trouble figuring out how to start this problem, and why my answer is always incorrect. I keep getting 435, but I am marked wrong. Please help! Here's the problem:In an economics class... more


I need the answer to this question

whats the sum of a number and five

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