Please help with these question

Read and answer the following question.What is lacking in a dependent clause?A dependent clause lacks proper spelling and grammar.A dependent clause lacks a subject and a verb.A dependent clause... more

Identify the four kind of sentences

Identify if it's declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. Punctuate them correctly. 1. I'm glad to be back2. Go on and hide behind the door3. What a clever idea4. The clock suddenly... more


Solving a word problem using a system of linear equations of the form Ax + By = C

One month Tammy rented 2 movies and 3 video games for a total of $23. The next month she rented 6 movies and 5 video games for a total of $43. Find the rental cost for each movie and each video game.


what was the rate in gallons per hour that the water was draining

To get ready for summer, a pool was being drained for cleaning. At 9am there was 160 gallons of water in the pool, at 12pm there was 97 gallons of water still left to be drained. What... more

Find the price of a senior citizen ticket and the price of a child ticket.

The senior classes and Plum and Gateway planned separate trips to Kennywood. The senior class at Plum rented and filled 1 van and 7 buses with 206 students. The senior class at Gateway filled 14... more

henry play basketball in high school

Henry is a high school basketball player. In a particular game, he made some free throws (worth one point each) and some two point shots. Henry made a total of 9 shots altogether and scored a total... more


solve by elimination

2x -y - z =154x + 5y + 2z = 10-x - 4y + 3z = -20


What is an equation of the line that passes through the point (-1,-3)( and is parallel to the line 6x-y==1?

I need help for my quiz please please help me


solving by elimination

x + 2y + 3z = 4-3x + 2y + z = 12-2x - 2y - 4z =14


Find the ninth term of the geometric sequence, given the first term and common ratio.

a1=1 and r=-1/3answer has to be a fraction


solve by elimination

x + 3y - z = 2x + y - z =03x + 2y - 3z = -1


solve by elimination


A Raisin in the sun eulogy

University of Utah - ENGPSY203 THIS IS THE PLAYYY>:http://azactorsacademy.com/uploads/plays/a_raisin_in_the_sun.pdfPLAY IS CALLED "RAISIN IN THE SUN" IF YOU DID NOT READ IT PLEASE MOVE ONNO... more


The manager of a movie theater wants to know the number of adults and children who go tom.

The manager of a movie theater wants to know the number of adults and children who go to the movies. The theater charges $8 for each adult and $4 for each child. At a showing where 200 tickets were... more

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