PreCalculus help Please?

Thank you so much in advance!Use the functions to evaluate the indicated expressions and simplify.f(x)=3x^2-2x g(x)=x^2+1b. f(x)+f(2)

The graph of the derivative, f '(x) is shown below. On what interval is the graph of f (x) increasing?

 Question options: 1) Increasing on (-∞, -4) U (2, ∞) 2)  Increasing on (-4, 2) 3)  Increasing on (-1, ∞) 4)  Increasing on (0, ∞ )


Geometry Homework

A 20ft ladder is leaning against a 15ft wall. What is the angle of elevation?


Explaining case and usage of "Richtung"?

GRE - Pobability Question?

One person is to be selected at random from a group of 25 people. The probability that the selected person will be a male is 0.44, and the probability that the selected person will be a male who... more

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